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Our new fleet gives you access to the beautiful waters without all of the hassle of maintenance, ongoing expense, and time invested to maintain a boat.


Our custom “Beach Weekend Boat Club App” allows you to schedules reservations as well as add additional services, such as ice, watersport activities, and more!


There isn’t a better way to experience the boating lifestyle! The cost savings are tremendous, and you don’t have the hassle of boat ownership…just all of the joys!


  • Statistically, the average boat owner only uses their vessel 6-8 times per year after the first 6 months of ownership. And it’s even less after the second year.
  • Less than 5% of the boats stored at a marina are actually launched on the average weekend and less than 25% even get used at all.
  • Trailering your boat to a ramp will cause you to spend on average 3 hours in doing the normal maintenance before and after usage, such as cleaning, check batteries, fueling your vessel, last minute this & that needs, and towing! This will naturally leave you less time out on the water, doing what you love to do!
  • Studies show less than 5% of friends that are taken out on the water will help clean the boat and refuel it. After all, you invited them!
  • Maintenance is always a sore thumb in boat ownership. Extensive repairs that can be costly are always a risk that you take by owning your own boat.

Enjoy the Water with Our Boat Club!



  • First off, start by making a reservation online or through the App twenty-four hours in advance (up to 6 months), then select the type of boat and date at either of our Florida locations. Or, you may call the marina to make your reservation and our friendly staff will assist you.
  • The Club is set up to give the most opportunities for you to boat on your schedule. You will receive 4 advanced rolling reservations, which never run out. We simply replace each one as you use it. There are NO limits to how many times per month you can use the 4 reservations or how many times you can use the boats. So feel free to make 4 reservations and we will have your boat ready to go on the water! It’s that easy!
  • Another significant benefit to membership is you can call the dock on a whim, or simply show up at the marina…the same day and book any available boat even if you haven’t made a reservation! This is perfect for those that have flexible schedules and decide on short notice to go out on the water. If you already have 4 reservations for a later time, a walk-on doesn’t cancel any of them!
  • Our club is the most advantageous way to enjoy the beautiful Florida waters whether you’re in the Keys, or the Panhandle.

Boating Made Better: Join Our Club Today!


Typical Day in the Life of a Beach Weekend Boat Club Member

  • Start by making a reservation on the app, or by calling the marina for assistance.
  • Arrive at the marina to be greeted by our friendly staff.
  • Then a quick check out that only takes about 3 minutes to ensure your boat is properly fueled, cleaned and ready to enjoy.
  • Next, our dockhands will assist you as you board the boat with your friends, family & gear.
  • Head out on the water and enjoy your time on the boat.
  • Notify the dock upon returning back to the marina and you’ll be met by the dock staff.
  • Finally, check boat back in, pay for fuel & offer a gratuity if you’ve experienced exceptional service, then go about your day.
  • Don’t forget to make another reservation for a time that suits you.
  • In the meantime, you enjoy the savings and convenience, while we maintain the boats!

What Are You Waiting For?


Hours of Operation & Reservations

Monday through Thursday

  • Weekday reservations are “Half Day” or “Full Day” reservations
  • Requires 1 reservation to guarantee boat, or “walk-on”, and take any available boat in the club

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Weekend reservations require the use of TWO reservations for full-day usage
  • Sunrise to 1pm or 2pm to Sunset = 1 Reservation
  • Sunrise to sunset = 2 Reservations
  • Overnight retention of boats: Advance authorization by reservations is required. Boat must be docked overnight; due to insurance regulations usage is not permitted after sunset or before sunrise.
Reservations can be made online, using the app or by calling our marina.

Discover the Boat Club Life Today!



What’s included on every boat?

  • Personal Flotation Devices
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Throwable cushion
  • Bow anchor
  • Paddle
  • Fish & Depth Finder
  • Dock lines & Fenders
  • Bimini top or T Top
  • Live Well

You Bring

  • Friends & FamilyPets
  • Cooler
  • Fishing Gear
  • Water Toys
  • Bluetooth
  • Speaker


Is Insurance Included?

Watercraft liability and physical damage is included in your membership. You are covered up to $1,000,000 for claims made against you by third parties. You are responsible for the $2,500 Watercraft Liability and Physical Damage deductibles per occurrence. Included in the membership is your first-year participation is the BW PLUS Program. With it you get towing insurance up to $1000 and your exposure of the $2,500 will be lowered to ZERO in 2 incidents.

What type of training is required to be a part of the Beach Weekend Boat Club?

We provide an in-house course that will give you the confidence to pilot the boat! Depending on your current skill level, we will work with you to make sure you are aware of not only how to operate the boat, but how to enjoy the waters safely. All members are required to have an updated Florida Boaters Safety Card and a valid Driver’s License.

How often do most boat club members boat compared to boat owners?

Beach Weekend Boat Club members boat 3-5 times more than the boat owner and have none of the responsibilities.

Who cleans the boat?

We clean the boat, which normally consumes two thirds of a boat owner’s boat day, leaving only one third spent enjoying the water. As a Beach Weekend Boat Club member, 100% of your time will be enjoying the water.

Do I have to handle any maintenance?

We do all the required maintenance on the vessels; a boat owner’s average annual cost of maintenance is 15% of the purchase price of the boat.

Do I have to store the boat?

We store the boat. Just getting a slip for a boat for the season costs thousands of dollars, and that’s if a slip is even available. With the Beach Weekend Boat Club membership, you have none of the hassles of trailering a boat, or unnecessary costs of paying for a boat slip.

Will I enjoy the boat club lifestyle?

The data speaks for itself! Typical Boat Club memberships have a 93% member retention at 36 months. Members are delighted with the many benefits and remain active boaters! Take the next step and join Beach Weekend Boat Club today!

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