An activity that anyone can learn with the proper instruction!


1.5 Hours


E-Foil lessons are 1.5 hours long for one person or split the time between two people. Approximately a 1/2 hour is spent one-on-one with a qualified instructor and an hour ride.

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Age restriction of 14 years

There are NO Prerequisites for taking an E-Foil Lesson besides being able to swim. In this Lesson you will:

  • Learn the basics of how an E-foil works
  • Understand the principles of a Hydrofoil
  • Learn about the safety precautions and information about the E-Foil
  • Do a dry run of how pop up procedure
  • Practice throttle control on your stomach
  • Practice throttle control and balance on your knees
  • Work on rising to your feet and riding on the board (not foiling)
  • Work on touch n goes (beginning foiling phase)
  • Work on foiling at speed
  • Learn to turn and stay and control on the E-Foil

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